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Golfing with Discs

  • July 30, 2020

Image by: Joshua Choate


Looking for fun ways to get out and enjoy the sun while maintaining social distancing? Then disc golf may be your next favourite summer activity! 

Disc golf is just like golf, except it doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars on equipment. Or thousands of litres of chemical fertilizers to maintain expensive greens and courses. Or snooty country clubs with dress codes. Or expensive fees to play courses, if you’re even allowed to do so in the first place.


Okay, so maybe disc golf isn’t that much like golf at all, but in the best possible ways! Built on the same idea of trying to get an object to a goal in as few “moves” as possible (swings in golf, throws in disc golf), disc golf is cheap (you can get started with a plain old Frisbee, or spend $30 on a starter pack of discs), fun at any level (it’s possible to get REALLY GOOD, but anybody can throw a Frisbee!), and most of the time, the courses are free to use because they can be built into city parks for less than $2000 for 18 “holes”! 


Here’s even better news: Regina has an active Disc Golf Association that maintains and sanitizes courses every day! That means you and your family can get out and enjoy a socially distanced game of disc golf in courses throughout our fair city! 


Check out the Regina Disc Golf Association website to find out more about what they’re doing to make sure that you can shave a couple of throws off your game without fear when playing through some of Regina’s most gorgeous green spaces! 


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